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  • Dec, 12 2019
    Rafal Ammar
    They are so patient and professional especially Mariah
  • Oct, 13 2019
    Tyler Smith
    Terrible customer service - when phone calls are placed and the workers cannot answer, the manager refuses to ever return the call. I spent over a week with this outfit trying to redeem a PAID gift certificate and the store was no help at all.
    For the history - "picture people" store at the Roseville mall became the "potrait gallery" for a short time, a friend gave me a gift certificate for 6 portrait sheets. Later it switched back to "picture people" once more and when we enquired we were told that the certificate would still be recognized.
    I called the store to make an appointment and spoke with Shermin on Monday - I gave him the information but he was not able to confirm so he told me that I would be contacted by Thursday by the store manager Rachelle to ensure they could still accept the certificate. Saturday rolled around so I made a phone call back to the store and spoke with Jaime at 1030am who told me that the manager was busy with another customer and would return my call immediately. When 1pm rolled around I decided it was time to call back once more since they didnt seem to value returning their customer's calls. Jaime answered again and told me that of course she was just about to call me back (yeah right, immediately = 2 1/2 hours later... the only reason I got an answer was I continued to pursue the answer). She stated that the store could not recognize the certificate.
    Jaime did tell me that the manager decided to award us for our trouble and that the store would offer to me a free portrait rewards club membership! The sad thing is three days prior I received an offer in the mail from picture people for a free portrait rewards club membership, so basically the store could care less about their customer satisfaction and would rather ignore any issues.

    Sadly this isnt the first time we've had issues with this particular Picture People... I would not recommend anyone using their services.
  • Jun, 03 2019
    A Google User
    went to take christmas pictures and wasnt offered any christmas decor. i had to ask for a sleigh because my daughter fell and hit her head. it wasnt very christmasey with just a plain white background. after i was done the other kids were taking pictures with a christmas tree. that was in the back and wasnt used in the photography oir even offered to us to use.. i spent 400 dollars in this place and didnt even recieve my special ordered 16x20 becuse they sent it to the wrong address. next time i
    ll be saving time and money by going to olen mills in jc penny or sears.
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